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Head of Zeus, 2019

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A small coven of witches in the modern-day Outer Hebrides scrape out a decidedly unmodern existence on their farm, Cala. After ten years of relative order, fractures are beginning to show, as the teenaged Euna bucks against its rigid hierarchy and its arbitrary rules, penned by an ancestor of its current leader, Muireall. Sick of scavenged seaweed and thin soup, one day Euna goes to visit – and finds herself intimately drawn to – Aram, a seasonal fish farmer. This is the first of a chain of transgressions that sees her flee the yoke of Cala and venture into the modern world, ultimately becoming the lead singer of the runaway success rock band Hammer of Witches.

Aram, now free from five years' detainment at Dungavel Castle over his immigration status, sets out to find Euna – though he has heard very little from her, save that a shared friend of theirs has given birth to his child, Lachlan Iain. Traversing the Hebrides back to the village of Pullhair, the site of his first liaison with Euna, Aram finds the world his desire lays bare to be infinitely more complex than his desire itself.