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I am available to provide a wide range of editorial services. In addition to my Creative Writing MFA, I have a Publishing degree from Ryerson University, a practical, skills-based programme. I am a current member of the Editors' Association of Canada and I have eight years of editorial experience.

I am detail-oriented, precise, and efficient, while also being naturally empathetic, supportive, and genuinely eager to read your work.

Services offered:

  • Manuscript evaluation

  • Structural editing

  • Stylistic editing

  • Copyediting

  • Proofreading

  • Query letters

  • Ghostwriting

Genres offered:

  • Fiction

  • Nonfiction

  • Poetry

  • Graphic novels

  • Try me!

Please contact me to let me know a little bit about the project for which you're interested in hiring an editor, as well as your budget and any other information you'd like to share.

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